The bones in our showroom are remnants of the medical bone trade. They were intended for doctors, dentists, and other professionals to understand human anatomy. But now, most universities provide students with osteology to study instead of requiring them to purchase their own. So who buys medical osteology now? Because these bones are now considered to be second-hand objects or antiques, who in the modern age can benefit from owning these bones?

Many of our customers are university employees, stocking their school labs to teach students, if their institution does not have a willed-body program. These clients are much like the original buyers of osteology, in that they are in the STEM field, and teaching the next generation of anthropologists, doctors, and other scientific professionals. 

Another offshoot of this is actual medical professionals. Just because a doctor, chiropractor, dentist, physical therapist, nurse, or any other medical professional has graduated from their program does not mean that their education is finished. Being able to see how the body is formed is always valuable, both for the patient and the provider. 

We also sell to Human Remains Detection Dog trainers. Bones are necessary for the training of these dogs to do their jobs. By exposing dogs to the scent of bones that don’t have any flesh on them, their trainers are preparing them to locate the remains of people who have been long deceased. We are honored to be involved in this important work. 

Another group of clients we value are artists. Any true artist understands that while reference photographs are good, drawing from life is best. While we provide high quality images on our website and Instagram for those who cannot afford bones at the moment, many artists, such as painters, tattoo artists, and sculptors choose to buy genuine human osteology to further the realism of their practice. Even artists like animators and CGI artists rely on osteological references for their work.

A group of people who fall between the realms of artists and forensic specialists are Forensic Artists. Many of these professionals need osteology to practice their work from.

We also are happy to sell bones to the novice anatomy student. Anyone can benefit from osteological knowledge. We understand that university education is not a universal option, and believe that these institutions should not be the only place to obtain this valuable knowledge. By purchasing from our showroom, our customers agree to our Terms of Service that state that these pieces will be treated with respect and dignity. We believe that it is our right to know the workings of our own bodies, and osteological education is one facet of this knowledge. 

We value each of our clients, and hope to bring osteological understanding to many more people as we grow.