A perfect medical skull
A perfect medical skull
A perfect medical skull
A perfect medical skull

Sourced Human

JonsBones is the leading provider of medical human osteology. We are committed to providing thoughtful selections of human bones for the purpose of education and understanding.

We began with the question:

Why are bones &
human osteology
seen as taboo?

The ability to study skeletal remains is often thought to be reserved for those in labs or historical professions. Not everyone has the same access to museums, medical collections, and artifacts that explain and cultivate the science behind human bones. We fight to create an environment that not only prioritizes education, but informs customers and defeats social stigmas.


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Why Does Osteology Matter?

We believe sharing comprehensible and easily accessible information can help bring awareness and understanding to our field. Our blog covers important topics regarding the history of the medical bone trade and common misunderstandings.

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A community of 50k+ artists, visionaries and bone lovers of all sort

Bones have been used as artistic inspiration for millenia. Tag us on social media @jonsbones to have your artwork featured!