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What You'll Learn
The History
We will discuss the origins of the bone trade, major companies, and the dissemination of human bones in the Global West. From Resurrectionists to Reknas, we will cover the why’s and how’s of human bones being sold.
The Collection
In our collection we have many types of specimens. Learn to distinguish hardware by preparator, style of preparation by skull markings, dating specimens by labels, and more. Note-taking is welcome and encouraged!
Within our Museum there are many examples of atypical anatomy. Based on what is in our collection and what our forensic anthropologists have discovered, we will show you examples of rare medical conditions and their effects on the skeleton.
We understand that bones are a sensitive topic for many, and can be approached from many spiritual and political backgrounds. We welcome free and respectful exchange of ideas and opinions, and are happy to answer any questions you may have, and discuss our beliefs together.
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