our mission:
a stigmatized
Like father,
like son
When our founder, Jon Ferry, was a child, his father showed him an articulated mouse skeleton that he had assembled as a child. This sparked a lifetime curiosity in the study of osteology. Supported by both parents — one in business and the other in design — Jon was inspired to carve his own niche in the industry.
A different way
of thinking
An industry
wide facelift
When Jon first entered the field, he noticed that the commercial bone industry was strongly associated with the concept of death, was often considered taboo, and was usually portrayed in a dark, gothic aesthetic. Rather than feeding into all the stigmas and tropes, Jon has worked hard to dust away the cobwebs and give these pieces a second life in his own unique way.
Bones are sought after and collected for a variety of reasons, from educational purposes to artistic references. We at JonsBones recognize that not everyone has the same access to museums, medical collections, or artifacts that explain and cultivate the science behind bones. The ability to study skeletal remains is often thought of as being one exclusive to those in labs or historical professions, but JonsBones strives to make this information accessible to all.
Educate &
We aim to provide the most accurate and thorough information for our clients. We work with osteological specialists to categorize our pieces and photographers to capture detailed and accurate images for our catalog. Finally, we actively bridge the gap between the anthropological community and the general public to make osteology more approachable. 
Based in
New York City
Following in the tradition of previous osteological supply companies, JonsBones is proud to call New York City home. As a hub for education, design, and research, New York City is a natural fit for JonsBones.
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