JonsBones is a New York City based brand centered around destigmatizing a stigmatized industry by providing osteological remains in a clean, professional, and responsibly sourced manner.

When our founder, Jon Ferry, first entered the field, he noticed that the commercial bone industry was strongly associated with the concept of death, was often considered taboo, and was usually portrayed in a dark, gothic aesthetic. Rather than feeding into the all stigmas and tropes, Jon has worked hard to dust away the cobwebs and give these pieces a second life in his own unique way.

Bones are sought after and collected for a variety of reasons, from educational purposes to artistic references. Here at JonsBones, we recognize that not everyone has the same access to museums, medical collections, and artifacts that explain and cultivate the science behind bones. The ability to study skeletal remains is often thought of as being one exclusive to those in labs or historical professions, but JonsBones strives to make this information accessible to all.

We aim to provide the most accurate and thorough information for our clients by working with actual osteologists and pathologists, as well as photographers who help us capture the true essence of each piece. We welcome anyone and everyone into the osteology community through our representative merch and day to day products. We actively work to bridge the gap between the anthropology community and the public in order to make the subject matter more approachable. Our goal is always to educate and expand the industry so that osteology may be more accessible to all.

For those who are still unclear or want further understanding of who we are, what we do, and specifics on the bones themselves, check out our blog or other social media @jonsbones.