Our Phantom Skulls made their first appearance on our TikTok @Jonsbones, it was a huge hit with many of our followers questioning what it was. To an outsider of the human osteology community, this piece is alluring and mysterious, at first glance it can be mistaken as a fake skull encased in jelly solutions for decorative purposes, but that is far from what this piece actually is. Phantom Skulls were an extremely helpful tool used in radiology! X-ray technicians used these translucent human heads to test and calibrate X-ray machines, and are also suitable for CT, MRI, and Ultrasound testing.

Phantom Skulls are made by using a real medical human skull often with its cervical vertebrae still attached, it’s then incased in this patent material called Lucite which is a resistant resin that creates a transparent tissue-like shadow over the skull. Once this longs process of casing and drying is over it is then perfect for radiology testing. But due to the amazing advancements in medical technology, phantom skulls are not commonly found.