This piece truly exemplifies the start of what I’m trying to achieve with JonBones. While in my sophomore year of Parson’s, I was given the assignment to make a lighting fixture inspired by a “liminal moment.” I took this opportunity to explore many facets of product design while blending my knowledge of bones with my personal experience of life transitions. At that point in my life, I was preparing to move spaces for the fourth time and wanted to create a lamp that reflected this experience but also utilized bones as source material. I found a 3D scan file of trabeculae, which are the inner structure of bones, and decided to use this as a means to diffuse light from the source. I welded a stand to hold three of these enlarged Trabeculae cross-sections, representing the three previous big moves of my life. The holes of the tissue came to represent all the options and pathways a person might encounter in their life, providing a sense of liminality and working through transitional stages. The lamp features an exposed bulb and a swiveling wooden base. By using universal design principles, and my deep love of osteology, I found a way to design an accessible product for others. Though this project is rather rudimentary in terms of physical execution, it became a foundational project in my journey of becoming a biomimicry-focused designer. I believe that my access to genuine skeletons has influenced my designs for the better, and I hope to provide that same access to others.