When you google “bones” it is unlikely that the images that show up will contain real bones. They will show you illustrated diagrams, promotional photos for the hit TV show, or plastic models. While working in the osteological field, it is a problem I have encountered all too often.

Before entering the bone industry, I was a highschool student with a deep interest in osteology. My school had several animal skeletons, and some models of human anatomy. I was never allowed to study these as closely as I wished to, because they were too valuable to risk being broken. I searched the internet for suitable reference images, and came up short.

For artists seeking to draw accurate and realistic human bones, unless they are able to access an osteological collection in person, the internet is of little help. Being able to examine every fissure, orifice, and structure is necessary for those making highly defined illustrations.

That is where JonsBones comes in. We believe that learning about our own anatomy is essential, and access to osteology should be available to all. If you are an artist or a designer seeking high-quality reference images, our Instagram page is a good place to start. If you see an image that works for you, please email us, and we will provide you with the original high-resolution images for your work. 

Every piece in our collection is photographed at a very high quality, to allow the viewer to zoom in and view the intricate inner workings of the skeleton. Every image on our website is open-access, and we encourage all artists to give our collection a look as a reference source. We have skulls ranging from fetal development to geriatric deterioration, with a wide variety of pathologies demonstrated, all photographed clearly and in high-resolution. 

We hope artists find our archive of use as the premiere online skeleton reference, and to tag us on instagram @jonsbones with all of your artworks! Also if you are in the New York City area, you can book a tour to our showroom to come sketch from the real thing!