Recently, JonsBones had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with designer and Registered Nurse, Wole Olosunde BSN RN for a popup with his fashion brand: Against Medical Advice. 

Photo of Wole Olosunde BSN RN, byOffice Magazine

Wole’s background as a nurse informs his design. But his medical background extends much farther than his adult career. As the child of immigrants, a mother who worked as a nurse herself and a father who worked in medical IT, Wole’s foundational memories were of being in a hospital. His parents were so invested in Wole and his sibling’s education that they all skipped multiple grades, and attended college early. All the while, Wole was surrounded by the streetwear companies dominating New York City. Brands like Supreme, Bathing Ape, and Stussy were informing his artistic sensibilities. As a nurse, Wole worked diligently, eventually working as a travel nurse, and helping to serve understaffed hospitals. 

Original design by Wole Olosunde for Against Medical Advice

Simultaneously, he worked on expressing himself artistically. While his family did not understand his interest in the arts as a viable career, Wole used his passion for design as an outlet for an increasingly demanding job, especially during the pandemic. This is where the name for his brand comes from. “Against Medical Advice” is a term used when a patient leaves the hospital in spite of doctors’ recommendations. Wole felt that his interest in fashion was not understood by his family, who viewed nursing as a stable career, and fashion as a risky decision. Ultimately, Wole finished his last nursing shift in December of 2021, and has fully devoted his time and efforts to creating a colorful streetwear brand that is inspired by anatomy, medical phenomena, and scientific inquiry. His dedication to blending STEM and art spoke to us deeply, given the design backgrounds of Jon and the rest of the JonsBones team. 

Jon-Pichaya Ferry staging skeletons for display.

We at JonsBones were so excited to partner with Wole by providing two skeletons to exhibit at his pop-up. Because we typically work with universities and working professionals online, very rarely does the public get to see and learn from our collection in the physical world. By partnering with Wole, we knew that we could reach a wide variety of people who might never learn about osteology otherwise, in a respectful and thoughtful environment. Attending the opening event, Jon was able to connect with so many people and have incredible productive conversations about the marvels of the human body and the history of the medical bone trade. People were able to see bones up close and personal, in an environment motivated by understanding the intersection of art and science. The pop-up lasted until last Sunday, and our bones were returned to the showroom, after being carefully watched by Wole and his team during their stint in the public eye. 

Jon-Pichaya Ferry staging the skeletons for display.

Against Medical Advice is a line that celebrates science and anatomy, and we are delighted to work with them as they demystify the human body. While this is the first public event JonsBones has participated in, we are excited to collaborate with other scientifically and artistically minded organizations in the future, to further accessibility, education, and understanding. 

Jon-Pichaya Ferry (left) and Wole Olosunde BSN RN (right)