Rudiger Explanatory Skull (0145)
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This piece was painted and cut for medical science as part of the medical osteology trade. This piece was prepared by Rudiger. The muscle origins are painted red whilst the muscle insertions are painted blue on the right side of the skull. The skull is comprised of 10 parts. the skull has a horizontal section (cranium), sagittal section, a further vertical section of the frontal sinus. The left temporal bone is also removable and sectioned into two to expose the inner ear. The mandible and maxilla on the left side are opened to expose the roots of the teeth together with the dental vessels and nerves. The right maxilla is also on a hinged section which exposes vertical sections of the teeth from root to crown. The skull has full dentition and all the teeth are perfect. The amount of work that has gone into preparing this skull is astronomical. Purchased in the 1970s, this piece has been kept in perfect condition. Now available on the public market, this skull is an ornate preparation, designed to maximize understanding of human anatomy. These skulls are rare and beautiful pieces of medical history. Responsibly sourced, beautifully preserved, and thoughtfully selected.
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Item Notes
  • Autopsy Cut
  • Painted Muscles
  • Sagittal Cut
  • Perfect Dentition
  • White Patina
  • Sinus Cut
  • Maxilla Cut
  • Mandible Cut
  • Wax Nerve Depictions
  • Markings From Previous Owner
  • Painted Inner Cranium
  • Modern Hardware
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I cannot say enough wonderful things about JonsBones & look forward to a lifetime relationship with them.
“I met Jon a little over a year ago and found him to be incredibly knowledgeable, communicative and super nice. Thus far I have purchased two skulls from him and more vertebra than I can count. His blogs on different topics in osteology are informative and I look forward to seeing the updates on his website when new products are added…”
David Block
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Reasonably priced and very good quality is a hard combination to beat!
I heard about Jonsbones at an advanced K9 HRD seminar so decided to give them a try. Jon offered personalized service that made the ordering process quick and simple. As for the quality of the training aids, all I can say is that even our beginner K9 had no issue in finding the correct location. I highly recommend Jonsbones as your go to place to get your bones from...
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JonsBones was so helpful for me when I was first starting my collection and I could not be more grateful!
Jon's selection is incredible, and his prices are fair. When I told him I was looking for a skull, he personally worked with me to find the right piece for my budget and my needs. JonsBones was so helpful for me when I was first starting my collection, and I could not be more grateful!
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